María Mercader (b. Chetumal, 1991)
Mexican photographer and art director.

Her photographic work began documenting the Mayan forest and its inhabitants, while developing scientific research to become an environmental engineer. 

Her work seeks to transmute the deep feeling of pain at the loss of virgin forests and the increasing gender violence in Mexico, using the image as an opening to imagine other worlds where it is possible to inhabit reality through resilience and female power.

Maria is one of the founders of "La Marginal Mx" an art studio for transmedia creation located in the forest, born as a response to the lack of places for creative female production on the southern border and as an option to activate the local economy through audiovisual productions in a safe environment for women and men. 

Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, New York,  Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, England and Australia. 

Since 2017 she has been working as the art director of Árbol Rojo Cine, a non-profit collective that seeks to decentralize the production, education and distribution of the film industry in Mexico and create  opportunities in the southern communities.